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This page collects my favorite rock albums. It also contains hyperlinks to Rock Music WWW sites.

  • Endangered Species/Lynyrd Skynyrd
  • Future Games/Freetwood Mac
  • Paradise&Lunch/Ry Cooder

  • Fleetwood Mac

    Future Games(1971, Reprise)

    M. Fleetwood/Drums, J. McVie/Bass, D. Kirwan, B. Welch/Guitars, C. McVie/Keyboards
    After American Bob Welch joined the group, they started to change their music style from British blues to more popular one. Guitars sounds clear and vocals by C. McVie gives us strong impression.

    Lynyrd Skynyrd

    Endangered Species(1994,Capricorn)

    G. Rossington, E. King/Guitars, J. Van-Zant/Vocals, Leon Wilkeson/Bass, Billy Powell/Piano, O. Hale/Drums, D. Krantz-Rossington, D. Davis/Backing Vocals
    The reason they made this album is the good responses for their acoustic lives in radio stations. Their hard music styles seems to be enhanced by acoustic instruments. Is such a music as theirs endangered species?

    Ry Cooder


    R. Cooder/Guitar, M. Holland, J. Keltner/Drums, R. Titleman, C. Etheridge/Bass, R. Barron/Piano&Organ and others

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